What Our Residents Say

They Helped Us Start to Finish!

“ManageMyMove came down to Niantic and helped us do a detailed floor plan to figure out what we could fit, even down to the size of windows and where electric plugs and lights were. They had a nice sense of style for placement of furniture. They wrote a plan helping us get rid of unwanted things with ideas on where to donate and sell them. They helped us start to finish!”

Most Helpful in Getting Started

“One Full House set up a plan and gave suggestions which were most helpful in getting started. They prepared a road map and made many suggestions on getting rid of junk and getting value for important items. They helped us prepare for sale and to choose a realtor. In fact, we had four bids on our cottage in a week!”

We love McLean!

“The program enlivened us by bringing back so many happy memories. The whole evening was planned to perfection, delicious food, tasty wine and such service by the administration! We thank you very much. We love McLean!”

Frosting on the Cake

“Last Friday was the ‘frosting on the cake’– the glorious surprise of an evening with ‘Benny Goodman’ and ‘Peggy Lee.’ What a treat for us of the swing generation!”

Enriched by the Beautiful Forest Surroundings

“Our life here at McLean has been enriched by the beautiful forest surroundings, the cheerful caring staff and the friendly neighbors with whom we share this wonderful lifestyle.”