So Much to Do ...

Makes for One Exciting Lifestyle

The Village offers you the opportunity to bring retirement plans to life. Free from worrying about maintaining your home, you’ll have the time and energy to have more fun! Concentrate on your mind, body and spiritual wellness. Satisfy your thirst to explore intellectual topics on politics, literature and economics. Keep your hands busy creating crafts and learning new media. Enjoy your favorite sports as a participant or a fan. Learn to use technology to explore the world, communicate with family and friends or challenge your brain. Worship in the church of your choice or attend services with area clergy in the Carling Chapel on campus. Continue to give back to the community with service projects. Commune with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Here, you live well . . . on your own terms. Our Village Director and Concierge coordinate a rich assortment of organized activities, events, courses, demonstrations, lectures and trips. Then you decide. It’s all about what you want to do or not do on any given day. Do something on your own, with an intimate group of friends or with the whole community.

Whether you wish to be a leader, participant or fan, we help you remain independent and engaged by offering several programs designed to ensure your retirement years are the best they can possibly be.

USA Program

Wellness Programs

Person-Centered Care

Convenient Services